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The sustainability mission of Mine Site Construction is to protect people and the environment, partner with communities and our society.

Mine Site Construction Services will:

  • Apply our proven processes in our environmental safety and health, procurement, construction, and operations to develop, design, and execute projects with care for the environment, as well as for the safety and well-being of the people who can be affected by our projects.;
  • Be supportive to the communities that host our projects and offices and use inclusive, participatory engagement by which local cultures and values are respected, dialogue is promoted and mutual trust is built, and
  • Build and enhance the capacity of workers and businesses through local procurement and hiring and by stimulating long-term economic development beyond the projects we deliver.


  • Projects: Identify and assess sustainability issues that can affect projects during development, design, construction and operation; identify and implement activities to manage these issues consistent with customer goals and requirements,
  • Conservation: Implement activities that are economically and operationally practicable to protect the environment, including reducing energy use, water and resource consumption and waste generation.
  • Stakeholders: Engage with key stakeholders to build understanding and maintain trust; implement programs that improve the quality of life where we work or help address broader societal issues.
  • Workplace: Create and maintain a workplace that promotes our ethics, quality, and environmental, safety and health standards;
  • Employees: Treat all employees with respect and dignity and promote diversity in the workplace consistent with our Values, and
  • Continuous Improvement: Strengthen our sustainability through education, innovation, and the appropriate use of relevant industry standards and external guidelines.